London Borough of Newham

Workplace Supported Employment Team

Newham Workplace was developed to ensure local people benefit from local regeneration. We are committed to helping employers find the right local people to work for them and to support local people who want those jobs.

Based in Stratford, we are a one stop shop where Newham residents can receive advice about their employment options and employers, across London, can place their vacancies to recruit quality staff. We also offer advice on training and guidance about starting up a business.

The Newham Workplace Supported Employment Team delivers individualised Supported Employment, within the Workplace structure, thus providing the best service on offer to disabled people. This involves improved employer engagement techniques, whilst creating more opportunities and increasing the team’s ability to support more people with social care needs to  gain and retain employment.

This approach has seen Workplace fill more than 32,000 jobs with Newham residents, since opening in 2007 and being awarded BASE ‘Team of the Year’ in 2016. The Workplace team are experts in their field; understanding the needs of our customers, whether employer or jobseeker.

Contact Details
020 3373 1101
Workplace Stratford
112-118 The Grove
E15 1NS