At Langdon we believe everyone has the right to work.

Whether they are looking for full and part time paid or voluntary work, we work with our clients to help them achieve their goal.

We help them develop new skills to increase their employability, find job vacancies, help with completion of application forms, prepare them for interviews and help them make the transition from Social Security benefits to paid employment.

We understand that earning a wage is not just about having money, but also a sense of self-worth. Our goal is to ensure that the young people we support have the same opportunities as their peers to experience the satisfaction that comes from a good day’s work. We are grateful for the support of businesses of all types and sizes who employ Langdon people on a full or part time, paid or unpaid basis.

This not only gives our people valuable experience of the work environment – completing tasks to the required standard, within agreed timescales and being part of a team – but also considerably boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

While Langdon people each have their own particular difficulties, they also have many strengths and are fully capable of performing tasks that add value to a business. In our experience, firms often find that employing a Langdon individual has the unexpected benefit of bringing their team together and boosting morale.

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