Supported Employment - Working for the future

Having a job is about more than earning money. Having a job helps us feel more independent, valued and can give us new goals and aspirations.

Some of us need a bit of extra help to find a job; we might need help to find out what sort of work is out there or to apply for jobs; or some support to help learn the job when we start.

Discovery Supported Employment Team helps people with a learning disability and autism find employment.


How do we work?

Discovery Supported Employment Team helps people with a learning disability and autism find and secure employment. We can support people in all or some of the following ways;

We like to get to know people, to understand what they like, what they don't like, what they're good at and what they'd like to get better at. We like to know what they're interested in and what they would like to achieve in life. If they like, they can get their family, friends and anyone else who cares about them involved. What people get out of this is a clear picture of their potential and the sort of jobs that will help them achieve their aspirations.

"The team talk to you and get to know you. They help you to find out what you're good at and what sort of jobs you want to do."

Talking to employers and local businesses, we talk to employers and local businesses about what they need to be successful. We help employers by matching people we know to what employers tell us they need. We find each person a job that matches their aspirations, with an employer who needs their talents. If someone needs some more help to work out what their talents are we can organise work tasters to help them decide.

Work means far more than money and productivity; it means self-esteem, confidence and social opportunities.

People who are supported into employment by Discovery have real jobs, where they can fulfil their employment aspirations and achieve social and economic inclusion.

Many people are informally supported into employment by Discovery as part of their support plans.

Through our dedicated supported employment service, which follows the British Association of Supported Employment’s best practice approach, we support other individuals into employment who do not necessarily meet traditional criteria for ‘job readiness’ or ‘employability’.

Ours is a flexible and continuous process, from getting to know people and employers, all the way through to career development and planned “fade out” of the job coaches who facilitate the whole process.

At Discovery, we know from experience that with the right support, it is possible for almost anyone with learning disabilities to do a productive job.

And crucially, through raising self-esteem and social interaction, supported employment can often result in overall reductions to support costs.

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