CLARITY - Employment for Blind People

CLARITY's mission is to generate, through employment, opportunities for blind and disabled people to achieve independence and play a full part in society.

CLARITY is a supported business and social enterprise producing and selling a wide variety of soaps, fragrances, toiletries and cleaning products.

Employment is available in a range of factory and office based positions throughout the UK. Specialist workplace and "Skills for Life" training programmes allow employees to progress within the organisation and develop the skills and confidence required to move into open industry. Welfare and support services are also on hand to deal with everyday issues outside the working environment.

CLARITY operates a DWP Work Choice contract for 41 people together with an internal programme called “WORK Visions”. This is a series of short term placements designed to provide the essential work experience and “evidence of employability” demanded by employers. For more information email: workvisions [at] clarityefbp [dot] org

Contact Details
0845 085 1650
020 7609 9196
Clarity Employment for Blind People
7 Highams Park Industrial Estate, Jubilee Avenue
Highams Park
E4 9JD