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Bury Employment Support and Training (Bury EST) is Bury Council’s not for profit supported employment agency. We offer advice, support and practical assistance to disabled and disadvantaged funded customers to make the transition into meaningful activity, volunteering or employment.

We aim to work in partnership with employers, individuals and organisations to create a socially inclusive and diverse workforce. We offer advice, support and practical assistance for local and regional employers who aim to diversify their workforce and offer equal opportunity recruitment. We currently work with a diverse customer group including, disabled and disadvantaged customers, customers with substance/alcohol mis-use issues, and young adults 16-25 who may become NEET.

Bury EST has vast experience (25years) in the supported employment arena and have worked with local and national stakeholders and partner organisations to successfully deliver various supported employment projects.

We believe that everyone who is able to and committed to find employment should be afforded the same opportunities as the general population. We believe in abilities not disabilities and look to build the confidence, skills and knowledge of our customers to enable them to gain the independence to perform many different types of jobs; we help them to problem solve and use their own undoubted experiences to bring out the best in themselves and ultimately demonstrate this to prospective employers.

We are always looking to connect with new employers and look at innovative ways to help support our customers become employable.

We realise that not every person will be able to gain employment but progress is not necessarily measured in terms of a job outcome; a customer’s skills can be assessed and opportunities to try new activities across different areas of community engagement should not be overlooked.

Subject to a customer’s development plan, Bury EST can develop “packages” of support, tailored to individual needs, to move people forward to achieve desired outcomes. Customers working with our support will be given the opportunity to try a variety of activities to increase their independence skills.

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Bury Employment Support & Training
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