Bren Project

Bren Project

The Bren Project is a charitable organisation based in Chester offering people with learning disabilities the opportunity to experience supportive work placements throughout Cheshire. We want the people that we support to enjoy the experience, feel comfortable and accomplished, and take pride in becoming part of the workforce.

Since 2007 we have been running projects that offer people with learning disabilities supported employment opportunities. All beneficiaries are provided with one to one Job Coach support in a vocational area of their own choosing.

Our trained Job Coaches are carefully matched to the needs of each individual beneficiary. Their aim is to build supportive relationships that make for a comfortable and successful work placement.

The role of the Job Coach includes:
* Liaising with the beneficiary and employer
* Learning the role which the beneficiary is due to undertake during the placement
* Supporting and encouraging the beneficiary at work
* Assisting with travel arrangements to the placement
* Assisting with other incidental issues relating to the work placement

Following a supported work placement our beneficiaries often move on to:
* An offer of paid part-time employment
* Volunteer work
* Further training or education
* A further placement

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Bren Project
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