APM is Australia’s leading vocational rehabilitation provider. Founded by four female occupational therapists in 1994, owner Megan Wynne and three fellow occupational therapists, created a blueprint for a business that specialises in helping people with disabilities or health problems into work.

APM is now an international employment and training business with more than 1,200 staff at 400 sites in UK, Australia & New Zealand and is Australia’s leading provider of government vocational rehabilitation services, the business has a mission to improve the lives of one million people by 2020.

APM UK is a subsidiary of that highly successful and respected international business which is larger, more experienced, more skilled and more diverse than it has ever been before and it continues to grow.

We have a proven track record of consistently delivering, through multiple contracts, delivery sites & funding agencies, bringing a genuine health context to the task of helping people return to employment, with healthcare professionals collocated within APM sites.

APM UK delivers a diverse portfolio of employability, skills, youth and justice contracts, most notably Work Programme, Working Capital, National Citizen Service and National Offender Management Service.

Through contract growth and delivery development APM supports a diverse range of priority groups and their families including (non-exhaustive):

• Long-term unemployed

• Lone & teen parents

• Young People - Not in Education, Employment or Training

• Those at risk/involved in gang activity

• Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Communities

• Ex/Offenders

• Older people

• Troubled/workless families

• People with mental health & health issues

• Travellers & show people

• Learners with learning disabilities/difficulties

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